Computer and Mobile phone eye strain

As more people uses computer and mobile phone in workplace, home and different stations complain of eye fatigue, difficulty in focusing and eye discomfort have become a common complain this days.

Computer and mobile phone display terminals don’t damage vision but you might still experience eye strain. Fortunately, rearranging your computer workstation, taking more rest, breaks or getting proper glasses and also dim your computer or mobile phone will relieve the symptoms.

To pinpoint the causes of eye discomfort, first get your eye exam by your ophthalmologist who can rule out the possibility of eye disease as the cause of your symptoms.

Next, take a look at your computer workstation:

* Screen distance: You should sit about 20 inches from the computer monitor, a little farther away than reading distance with the top of the screen at or below eye level.

* Equipment: Choose a monitor that tilts or swivels, adjust them appropriately for the lighting in the room. Use a glare reduction screen on the monitor if needed.

* Furniture: An adjustable chair is best suitable.

* Rest breaks: take periodic rest break and try to blink often to keep your eye from drying out.

* Increasing Front: Size and avoid use of smaller print.

* Avoid positioning monitors opposite windows which can increase glare and consider using glare reduction filter.

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