Construction site


The construction industry is one of world highest risk industries. Every year, thousands of workers are injured on construction sites – or killed.

Over the past four years around 30,000 workers were injured on construction sites because of unsafe work practices. Thirty-three were killed and more than 2000 have been left permanently disabled.

Graphic of construction worker wearing hard hat with text 25,000 workers injured, 1700+ permanently disabled, 23 dead


There are specific laws about working on construction sites safely. Here we summarise those laws and give you some practical tips.

Some laws relate to those who commission construction work, some relate to designers of structures, and others are more general.

For people who commission construction work

Consult with designer

You must consult with the designer about any risks that may arise from the design aspects of construction work on a structure – and let the designer know about any hazards and risks on the construction site. Minimise risks as much as possible or, where you can, get rid of them altogether.

If you engage a principal contractor for a construction project – ie construction work valued at $250,000 or more – inform them of the hazards and risks, this mitigate the risk at construction site.

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